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Long Distance Trust

Long-distance relationships can be a challenge, but one of their cornerstones is undoubtedly trust. Trust is the invisible thread that holds two partners together even when miles apart. Without it, feelings of security and connection can quickly unravel leading to misunderstandings and feelings of loneliness.


Open, honest communication is vital in a long-distance relationship. It is essential to discuss your expectations and comfort levels and find a way to express your day-to-day experiences to your partner effectively. Make this an ongoing conversation since feelings and situations change, and what worked at one stage of your relationship might need adjusting as time goes on.

Schedule regular video calls, voice chats, and text check-ins that work with both your time zones. Use these times not only to share your feelings but also to discuss your relationship and any concerns openly.

Consistency builds confidence

Following through on promises and commitments is another key aspect of building trust. If you say you're going to call at a certain time, do it. If you've planned a virtual date night, honour it just as you would a face-to-face meeting.

Use digital calendars or reminder apps to keep track of commitments if you struggle with consistency due to a busy schedule or time zone differences.

Jealousy and insecurities

Jealousy and insecurities can surge in long-distance relationships because you're not there to see and understand your partner's daily interactions. Trust can erode if these feelings aren't managed and communicated effectively.

If you're feeling insecure, express your emotions without accusation. For instance, saying "I feel a bit left out when I see you having so much fun with your colleagues, I guess I miss you a lot," is better than casting aspersions.

Shared goals

Having a shared vision for the future is powerful. It reassures both partners that there is a point to the sacrifices they are making. Discussing where you both want the relationship to go and setting timelines can greatly increase trust.

Create a 'relationship roadmap' with milestones and check-ins. This can help keep both of you aligned towards common relationship goals.

Social media and digital presence

In an era dominated by social media, what you and your partner choose to share online can impact trust. Discuss your boundaries concerning online sharing; some people prefer a digital declaration of their relationship, while others value privacy.

Have candid discussions on your online boundaries like profile visibility, tagging in photos, or relationship status disclosures.

Independence and Personal Growth

Fostering an environment in your relationship where both partners can grow independently can paradoxically strengthen trust. It shows respect for personal development and reassures that each individual’s happiness isn't solely dependent on the other.

Encourage and celebrate your partner's achievements and hobbies. Sharing your own growth can also nurture trust and inspiration within the relationship.

Visit Each Other Whenever Possible

Nothing can replace physical presence entirely. Making the effort to visit each other as often as possible can reinforce your connection and renew the trust that comes from being together in person.

Plan visits in advance and try to alternate who travels. Use this time not just for romance but also to understand your partner's environment and day-to-day life.