Dating Today


A Non-existent Partner

The modern world of cyberspace has brought many people much closer, but it also has a dark side that few people want to encounter. For those who love to feel powerful, creating false profiles on dating sites has become a new game. They seek to ensnare unlucky people in their web of deception, and their pleasure is gained as they make them believe there is a relationship that will soon blossom into a permanent status.

For those who are desperately seeking someone to love and cherish, the online world has offered them many opportunities than ever before. It is unfortunate that some of them will cross paths with people who enjoy fooling them, and they should be wary before making any commitments. For those who are in a long distance relationship, they should find the resources to meet the person they are dating online. Failure to meet them could be a sign the person is not who they say they are, or it could mean they are not being truthful when it comes to being available for a relationship.

One of the downsides of meeting and dating online is the lack of personal contact, and many of those who use people for amusement count on it. They know they are unlikely to be caught, so they can project an image of a life they have never had. They see it as a fun way to amuse themselves, and they could care less what it is costing their hapless victims. Their selfishness is all that matters, and it can be an emotionally wrenching time for the person they are fooling.

Online relationships have been successful for many people, so there is little or no reason to avoid them. For those who find a person they are with can never seem to meet them, it might be time to end the relationship because it does not really exist.